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Bahawa's Raw A2 Milk in Thane

Raw is Rare.. Raw is Real Its not just A2, its RAW A2 milk. Non pasteurized, Non homogenised, unadulterated and nutrient rich. Boil before you consume.. just the way our ancestors enjoyed it! Farm to your Home in flat 24 Hours! A daily dose of health for children and adults. We deliver A2 milk in Mulund, Thane , Mumbai Milking by Human, Not Machines.. (Nature's Way)

Free range gir cow | No Adulterants. No Chemicals | Ensure cleanliness, hygiene, and high quality of milk | Rich source of Calcium and other minerals along with Vitamin A, D, and B12 | Eco Friendly glass bottles | 12 hrs delivery

RAW A2 GIR COW MILK - 500 ML Pkt - ₹47.50
RAW A2 GIR COW MILK - 1 LITRE - ₹95.00
( Get Special Offer on FIRST SUBSCRIPTION - Limited Time Offer )

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Why to choose Bahawa Organic Farm ?

Bahawa Organic Farm - Mumbai

Word of Founder

For us, cows on the farm are our family. They aren't tied up to a restricted space. They graze freely and are fed nutritional fodder infused with ayurvedic herbs to keep them happy and healthy. Machines don'tunderstand feelings and hence, our cows are milked by hand. Regular checks are conducted to ensure overall well being of the cows

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