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Bahawa's Raw A2 Milk in Mulund

Raw is Real Raw A2 Milk is milk in its purest, most natural form, milk from a cow. The cream, or fat, in A2 milk naturally separates and rises above the "skim," or protein. Homogenization is a mechanical mixing procedure that lowers the size of fat globules so that they do not separate from the protein, resulting in a more homogeneous appearance of the A2 milk in thane. It has not been established that this has any negative health implications, however, you can no longer skim the cream off the top of your coffee as we used to. Mumbai's Best A2 Milk includes beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Pasteurization, which involves boiling a liquid to kill germs and improve its shelf life, also eliminates many of the helpful bacteria and other qualities found in milk. Pasteurized milk that has gone sour is spoilt and should not be consumed since dangerous germs now have free rein.

Free range gir cow | No Adulterants. No Chemicals | Rich source of Calcium and other minerals along with Vitamin A, D, and B12 | Eco Friendly glass bottles | 12 hrs delivery

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Why to choose Bahawa Organic Farm ?

Bahawa Organic Farm - Mumbai

Word of Founder

Our basic purpose is to love and care for cows. In the process, we safeguard cows, promote the growth of desi cows and their products, and assist farmers in returning to organic farming with the assistance of cows. This enables us to provide conventional dairy and food items like Free Range Desi Gir Cows to our consumers, leading to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Mumbai's Best A2 Milk Brand, milk products, and dung are crucial components of our daily lives. We sell Indian cow products to our consumers. We do not sell to open marketplaces after cows cease producing milk. We care for them or give them to Goshalas to finish their lives. We adhere to the farm-to-table philosophy. Many layers in between are avoided. Following milking, desi cow a2 milk in thane is refrigerated in remote chilling centers before being transferred to our main factory, packaged, and delivered to your home as promptly as possible via a rigorous cold chain.

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